KDF soldier injured during Madaraka Day Celebrations in Kisumu


President Uhuru Kenyatta has today led Kenyans in celebrating the 58th Madaraka day celebrations in Kisumu. Madaraka day commemorates the day Kenya attained self-rule on June 1, 1963 before gaining full independence in 1964. Among the speculators performances were the KDF (Kenya Defence Forces) who stood out for performing the most exciting, precise and efficient military parade and drills.

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KDF showcased a magnificent aircraft fly past in history led by female pilot captains. With Captain Orina and Captain Mutua’s aircrafts banners reading ‘God bless Kenya’. The colourful formation sent Kisumu residents into a wild cheering celebration with the jet maneuver crowning the event, the most thrilling and electrifying performance.

When all and sundry thought the magic drills and fly past was over, Paratroopers descended from the heaven with their umbrellas’ swinging with dazzling National flags colors showcasing their prowess. One at a time landing with lots of precise and concise.

Despite the unfavorable weather conditions in Kisumu, the soldiers wearing face masks matched on with endurance in the hot and humid climate. All was well until one Navy soldier was dehydrated by the hot sun and opted to seek medical attention. Sources from within says the soldiers was treated and released. High humidity is known to have a number of adverse effects on the human body. It can contribute to feelings of low energy and lethargy. A condition this soldier may have suffered.

All Paratroopers landed safely against the strong winds from Lake Victoria. Except for the one who got minor injuries due to the effects of gust wind. Gusts of wind can not only make for a bumpy ride, but significant gusts can drastically affect the flight performance of the parachute. Kisumu experience an average wind speeds of more than 7 miles per hour. But sometimes times as high as 12 MPH which is almost the maximum limit for sky diving and parachutes.1h


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