KDF Soldiers Take Pay Cut to Contribute to Covid-19

Kenya Defence Forces file photo | Courtesy

The Kenya Defence Forces have always come to our rescue in times of crisis in the country. Since the first case of Covid-19 was reported in Kenya, our soldiers stepped out in full gear to help fight the pandemic.

According to an Officer who spoke to 254BreakingNews on condition of anonymity, KDF soldiers will be taking a pay deduction which will go directly to help those affected by the pandemic. “We are happy to do it”, said the officer.

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Members of the Kenya Defence Forces fumigating Kibera slums.

Netizens seemed to praise the move by the force bringing about memories of the soldiers when they portrayed an image of a selfless service during the burial of Mzee Moi on February. One netizen by the name Nyakeya Moses said, “Good move by KDF to encourage their Officers, Service Men and Women to take pay cut so that it can be channeled to the less fortunate during this hard period.”

Recently, there has been a debate on salary reduction for government workers starting with MPs who have defiantly stood against the move. The government indicated that the money raised will be used to assist cater for the less fortunate in the society during this hard times.

According to KDF official Facebook page, the soldiers have been fumigating some of the streets in Nairobi as a way of combating Covid-19 and has also set aside emergency centres ready to help Ministry of Health in case the situation went out of hand.

The multi-agency centre in combating covid-19 at Embakasi is also situated in a KDF facility and headed by Major General Matiri.


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