The country is currently being treated to another corruption circus bidding DPP Noordin Haji, big fish arrests for stealing public coffers and the judiciary.

In the last few days, Ngiritas were ordered to forfeit property, Migori County Governor Okoth Obado facing graft charges, Stephen Soi (rio scandal) in court, Daniel Manduku and Masai Mara Vice Chancellor Mary Walingo also under investigation.

DPP also gave approval for the prosecution of Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa over misappropriation of over Kshs 57.7 million from the Constituency Development Fund kitty.

One of the dominant factor in these cases is the fact that most suspects involved their closest family members in their evil deals. This clearly reveal that most of our Kenyan leaders are self centred and selfish. They only value their closest kins. The rest of their subjects are just only ‘subjects’.

The DPP’s probe shows over KSh 38M was transferred to Obado’s children, His two daughters were grilled on Wednesday at the EACC offices in Kisii over alleged theft of Ksh73.5 million belonging to the taxpayer.

Impeached Kiambu governor Ferdinand Waititu is said to have diverted public money to his wife’s account and that of his daughter’s.

In September 2015 Kirinyaga Governor Ann Waiguru, who was the Devolution CS at that time, was accused of being behind the disappearance of Ksh 791 million from the ministry. It is alleged that Waiguru’s son, Ian Waiguru may have benefited from the loot basing on the sudden change of lifestyle.

Even the Covid-19 funds looting has widely mentioned senior KEMSA officials using their closely family members in their shady deals. It’s clear the corrupt leaders are also keen in accumulation and consolidation of wealth within their confines of their families hence continue widening the gap between the poor and rich.


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