We are in an economic crisis. The high cost of living is as a result of COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, high taxes and corruption.

COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic eroded progress in poverty reduction in Kenya. Kenya had made considerable progress with poverty reduction over the last years, but COVID-19 has destroyed the livelihoods of many Kenyans.

Corruption is also a major factor affecting our economy. We have enough laws in this country to deal with corruption but the ones tasked to implement the laws are also corrupt. A lot of money is wasted on projects that are not sustainable and others go into people’s pockets. We need a government that will implement fully the anti-corruption laws. We must fight corruption in this country.

The only way to address the cost of living in this country is by reducing taxes. When we continue raising taxes and we do not support the economy by ensuring service providers are paid, then we are killing this economy. It is vital to revive our economy so that people can live comfortable lives

A time has come when we need to set our differences aside and come together for the unity of this country so that we help the younger generation get a country that they will be proud of


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