Kenya resolves Jubaland tension after Nairobi meeting


The Government of Kenya has reportedly successfully brokered a truce between feuding Jubaland leaders after a Nairobi meeting.

According to sources, it was reported that Jubaland President Ahmed Madobe had reached a deal with rivals Abdirashid Hidig and Abdinasir Serar after an intervention by the Kenyan government.

The two leaders had run against Madobe in the 2019 elections where Madobe emerged victorious.

The Federal Republic of Somalia under President Mohammed Farmajo recently placed Jubaland at the center of various diplomatic row with reports accusing president Farmajo for spearheading a campaign against the federal states which includes Jubaland, Puntland and Somaliland.

After Madobe’s re-election in the hotly contested race, the relationship between the semi-autonomous State and the Federal Government of Somalia deteriorated as Farmajo cancelled direct flights from the region to Kismayu posing a challenge for businesses.


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