Kenya suspends all planes to and from Somalia

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The Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) charged with responsibility of regulating the aviation industry in Kenya has suspended all flights to and from Somalia in a notice to plane operators on Tuesday. In the notice, the Kenyan government did not give any reasons for the action.

The ban comes one day after Somalia Civil Aviation Authority issued a ban on airlifting Miraa to Somalia. Part of the statement read “Somalia Civil Authority (SCAA) has the honor to inform all the operators that carrying Miraa to Somalia is still prohibited, and the policy of the Federal Government of Somalia did not change regarding the transportation of Miraa to Somalia airport”.

Somalia had earlier announced to restore diplomatic relations with Kenya after five months of cold relationship following mediation by Qatar led by Emir Sheikh Tamim Al Thani.

Previously in May 2020, a Kenyan plane on a humanitarian mission was shot down in Beledweyne Airport, Somalia. The Kenyan plane was carrying medical supplies to Somalia which has been hit by civil war for over a decade thus affecting all sectors including health.


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