There was a video trending in Kenya for the better part of last week in which a policewoman and her colleagues were caught red-handed flouting police protocols by their own boss who threatened to arrest her for using a personal vehicle during for patrol.

The man, who was driving himself, made a surprise stop and interrogated the policewoman as he identified himself as Traffic Commandant Samuel Kimaru.

This video exposed a worrying trend where our police officers have prioritized traffic deployments even with the many emerging challenges that threaten peace and security of our countrymen and women.

The traffic police officers have unnecessarily increased roadblocks on different parts of the country and operate freely to reap-off innocent Kenyans. The Covid-19 situation and protocols have even made the situation worse.

In the video that surfaced on Monday, August 31, the traffic commandant threatened to arrest the policewoman but opted against the decision.

The Traffic Police Toll Stations across the country are a bit exorbitant.

In Nyanza and western parts alone, the corruption racket begins operations from Ahero Junction to Kisumu. The area is approximately just 20KMs.

There is roadblock in front of Ahero Police Station, policemen at Lela corner, others just before Number Okana, NTSA with speed officers at Number Okana, a highway patrol at Obugi stage, policemen at Luanda Buoye and motorbike police just before Mowlem corner. All of them demanding 50, 100, 200 and 500 from Tuktuk, Lorries, Matatus and private cars.

Assuming that we average these 7 toll stations at 200 per 4 stops only for 1000 motors, how much is the loot?

Between Kisumu to Kakamega, we have about about four roadblocks, the story is the same on Kisumu-Kisii, Migori, Sirare, Kisumu-HB,Sori,Rongo, Kisumu-Busia,Siaya,Bondo, this are just the known ones affecting Luo Nyanza, where fare is always double any other place globally. We’re talking of billions in corruption money.

Who are these cartels using law enforcers to fleece the Kenyans of their hard earned cash?


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