Kenyan Security Forces Thwart Al Shabaab Attack


Kenya security forces today in the wee hours of the morning engaged al shabaab militants after catching them unaware in their makeshift camp at Bodhei, lamu.

Confirming the incident, Lamu County Commissioner, Irungu Macharia, who is also in-charge of the operation, said the security forces had gotten wind of the planned attack following credible intelligence concerning the militant’s camp.

“Our security forces swung into action at 5am in the morning and caught about 15 militants unaware” Macharia said, adding that the militants dispersed in different directions to avoid the offensive by our security men.

While being pursued, the militants in an act of cowardice and to divert attention, burnt down 3 tippers belonging to contractors at Kwa Molo area.

This is believed to be the same team that has been terrorizing residents in areas around Boni Forest in a bid to cause fear among residents since the beginning of the year.

The security officers are in pursuit of the militants who are believed to be hiding in the vast Boni forest.


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