Kenyan woman discloses why dating older women is always the best option – Kumbe this is why GUARDIAN ANGEL went for a 51-year-old woman (READ).


Here’s a viral Facebook post by a Kenyan woman identified as Amavoke Wala advising young men on why they should date older women.

 So, seen some interesting comments on the post I shared of the 33year old guy asking about dating older women.

Let me now speak as an older woman (above 40). From my own experience and many others but allow me to use myself as an example. 

1. We come with a rich relationship history. Most of them having taken us through school of hard knocks. So we have little time for bull shitting. 

We see right through it. We’ve kissed enough frogs. Even dated Luo men. The real University of School of hard knocks.

2. We have our own money. So we will bring ourselves to dates. Heck, we often pay for those dates if we really are interested. We don’t eat fare. We drive. Or take a cab. We won’t ask you to pay our bills either. We got that under control.

3. We have high libidos. Like REALLY high. We initiate sex. We are not ashamed of our bodies. We are comfortable in our own skin. Our thunder thighs, our love handles, our kinky hair, our small moustache. We are. And when we want to soup ourselves up we do. When we want to. Otherwise, we can come in slacks or deras. 

“We aren’t here to impress. Done that and bought the Tee shirt. We need a high performer.

4. We don’t have time to waste. We have multiple things going on. Kids. Work. Businesses. Probably a messy divorce. We can slot you in the middle of all this. You snooze you lose. Respect our time. 

5. We want a mutually beneficial relationship. If it doesn’t work out we shake hands and swipe left. We don’t block you. We just move on to the next phase. 

We don’t throw tantrums. We don’t have time to hold grudges. We bump into you next time we are in a social event and give you a tight hug and a peck. 

Just enough touch to remind you of the old times but not to allow you to think you have a second chance. Remember we swiped left.

6. We aren’t afraid to experiment. Interpret this on your terms and deal with it.


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