Kenyans angry at the rising food prices

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    Using the hashtag #lowerfoodprices, Kenyans have hit out at the government for failing to curb the ever-rising prices of basic commodities by rising food prices. According to the latest data from the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) food prices rose by 8.89 percent in January making it hard for thousands of Kenyans to put food on the table.

    A two-kilogram packet of maize is now retailing at Sh120 while a kilo of sugar goes at Sh140 across major supermarkets in the country. The prices of vegetables including onions and tomatoes are also out of reach for the common mwananchi. Cooking gas, cooking oil and bread have also risen by a significant margin.

    Being a political season, the social media users first asked the aspirants to address food prices, saying they will not be able to vote on empty stomachs or rather they would have starved before August 9, when elections will be held.


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