Kenyans complain to KeNHA over the Thika Road Footbridge


Kenyans have complained about the footbridge which is located along the Fox Drive-In and was recently commissioned by the road construction authority as part of the government’s plan to ease the pain of pedestrians crossing the busy highway.

A number of Kenyans shared photos online of a steel structure supporting the footbridge, noting that it could pose a danger to motorists and pedestrians.

KeNHA, in response, noted that the footbridge was still under construction and the steel poles put is place were only  a stop-gap measure.

“The poles in the median are only a temporary support to allow final works being undertaken and to allow concrete works on the slab to set,” noted KeNHA.

Fourway Construction Limited, the company tasked with the construction of the bridges was given the contract to erect the Survey of Kenya and Garden City footbridges at a cost of Sh390 million.

Construction of the four footbridges along the highway began back in 2017 at the cost of Ksh820 million with KeNHA blaming the delay on a slow pre-export inspection.

Concerns raised by Kenyans on the footbridge were numerous with others comparing it to other footbridges along the highway.

“I said this footbridge is made up of thick wires, not steel.. You cannot compare with Alsopps Steel bridge with this as it makes someone fear to climb just by looking at the structural weakness,” noted one Geoff Wageni.

“After all those months on construction, you still have to have a temporary column? Too many wise [expletive] in our society. And the guy in charge is an engineer to boot!!!” stated Gacheru Kariuki.

The highway is set to be fitted with 18 footbridges, with 10 more designed but yet to be erected due to lack of enough funds.


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