Kenyans love SEX! Over 120,000 condoms were used in Naivasha in 3 days – That is equal to 3 pickup trucks!


Last weekend, Naivasha was a hive of activity after Kenyans from different parts of the country and other international guests flocked there to watch World Rally Championships.

 The hyped rally event was characterized by all manner of debauchery.

Cars were turned into bars and lodgings while other revellers exchanged fluids in tents and nearby thickets.

According to King’s Condom Promotion CEO, Stanley Ngara alias King of Condom, over 120,000 condoms were used at the weekend event.

“We distributed over 120,000 condoms in three days that is equal to three pickup trucks, we had been planning for Safari Rally event for long and I’m happy that many lives will be saved,” Ngara said.

Ngara said that he wanted to ensure that revellers had safe sex and he is happy after his mission was accomplished.

“We were targeting the youth and Safari Rally enthusiasts, who had thronged the venue for three days. We wanted them to engage in safe sex after a night of partying,” he added.


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