Kenyans mark Uhuru’s last Jamhuri Day celebrations at iconic Uhuru Gardens


A different scenario of events as Kenyans marked the 57th Jamhuri Day celebrations.

Unlike past Jamhuri day celebrations which were held across the country, today members of the public headed to Langata Road at the historic Uhuru Gardens which had been closed for several months.

Around 11,000 guests are expected at the venue.

After several months of closure, Uhuru Gardens was opened today to host President Uhuru Kenyatta’s last Jamhuri Day celebrations in office.

Outside the arena, Military men dressed in the green combat attire were spotted walking around, an indication that security was a priority during the celebrations.

At the entrance, the security checks were tight as police ensured wananchi were frisked before entering the garden.

Most of the wananchi in the garden had their masks on and there was a team of health personnel dressed in white coats checking temperature before allowing the mass access to the garden.

White plastic chairs placed upside down had been arranged on the green field with the one-metre rule distance being considered.

With the weather conditions being favourable, the seats were laid under the sky as wananchi sat anticipating for the celebrations to start.

The main stage arena was decorated with the Kenya national flag colours of black, white, red and green.

The chairs for the invited guests were also arranged systematically with the front chairs in green colour, with a break of white and the rest following behind in red.

Dancers from the Maasai Community arrived early ready to entertain the guests and the crowd.

By 10 am, guests continue to stream into Uhuru Gardens.

There were long queues as Kenyans thronged the venue.

Interior PS Karanja Kibicho had to walk to the gates to ask for speedy clearance to fill the seats to let the event start.


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