Kenyans raise serious concerns over the death of Lawyer PAUL GICHERU who was accused of bribing witnesses in RUTO’s ICC case – LOOK!


The sudden death of Lawyer Paul Gicheru, who is facing charges at the International Criminal Court (ICC) for tampering with witnesses that led to the collapse of President William Ruto’s case at The Hague-based court, has left Kenyans talking.

Gicheru was found dead at his Karen home hours after he went to sleep, complaining that he was unwell. 

According to a report filed at Karen Police Station, the lifeless body of Gicheru was found oozing foam from his mouth which is synonymous with poisoning.

Police are now treating his death as suspected poisoning while they await an autopsy to reveal everything. 

Gicheru’s death comes nearly two months after Christopher Koech, a key witness in the ICC case in Ruto died under unclear circumstances.

The Kakhunga Primary School teacher allegedly disappeared after driving to the school based in Mumias, Kakamega, on Sunday, July 16.

His lifeless body was found lying next to his motorbike in Shibuli market in the county. 

He was reportedly sweating profusely with foam forming in his mouth too. A clear indication that he may have been poisoned as well.

The teacher passed away days before flying to The Hague to testify in lawyer Paul Gicheru’s ICC case.

The death of Gicheru has raised more questions than answers with a section of Kenyans suspecting that he may have been murdered for implicating Ruto further at ICC.

Gicheru surrendered to the ICC in November 2020 after he was wanted for witness tampering in cases against William Ruto and former journalist Joshua Sang.

The case against the duo was terminated in April 2016 for lack of concrete evidence that was occasioned by witness killings and recanting of testimonies.


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