Kenyans Slam Ruto’s Billionaire MP Over Loss-Making Claims


Remarks on the high cost of living by Mathira Member of Parliament (MP) Rigathi Gachagua rubbed Kenyans online the wrong way on Sunday, December 12.

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According to the MP, he anticipated to make a loss from his current crops- attributing the looming dip in fortunes to the high cost of living brought about by the current regime.

“I have inspected my crops from early morning, and after doing my mathematics, I have come to the conclusion that I will make a loss from my current crop due to exorbitant prices of fertilizer. “

“DAP is Ksh5,200, CAN which I need for top dressing is Ksh4,200 while urea is Ksh6,000. This is the highest price of fertiliser ever in my thirty years of farming,” he stated.While some users lauded the MP for airing out his concerns, a section of them castigated him over the remarks, pointing out that he would have initiated change in parliament through bills instead of complaining on social media.

“The people of Mathira elected you to represent and complain on behalf of them in parliament not lamenting on Facebook. But as usual, you have been busy campaigning and have no time to attend parliament, it’s a waste of time” Joe Mithamo posted. 

“Stop enjoying us, weren’t you the biggest broker of Nyeri County during your brother’s reign?” Charles Ombongi affirmed.

“After you and your cohorts including the second in command stole everything for Mama mboga, I think I count my vote as wasted since 2017. Rarely are you in parliament to raise those bills but always in Karen to do what you’re told.”  Mwangi Kariuki observed.

“Old man, seems senility is gradually catching up with you. Just like that you are easily forgetting that you were sent to parliament to deal with that fertilizer, milk prices, coffee and tea. You are a law maker.”  Joel Dunkans pointed out.

“Deal with your own issues. You pretend to be part of the oppressed while you are part of the ailment,” Steve Austine added.

Gachagua compared the current economic time to that during former Presidents Mwai Kibaki and Daniel Moi’s regimes- noting that he had little to smile about after Kenya marked the 58th Jamhuri Day on Sunday, December 12.

“I am thinking of early retirement to relocate to the village and escape exploitation from such heartless brokers who preach water and consume wine,” he noted.

The MP, a fierce and staunch supporter of Deputy President William Ruto, has been at the forefront campaigning for the bottom up economic model. He is touted by many as the preferential running mate for the DP in the 2022 General Election.



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