Khalwale Defends Raila on Live TV


Appearing on a morning show on Thursday, October 14, Khalwale insisted that the ODM leader is a changed man, and deserves a chance to explain his social welfare program and other agendas for Kenyans ahead of the 2022 elections. 

The former senator acknowledged that what the opposition leader has become is completely different from what he was before Khalwale decamped to the United Democratic Movement (UDA).While citing examples, Khalwale said that while he was still in ODM, all they used to do was sell slogans to the people without a clear plan of what they will do for Kenyans.

“I remember when I joined them five years ago, I discovered that they were just selling slogans. Tibim!Tyalala! Ria! Ugwe! Completely nothing,” the former senator remarked. 

However, Khalwale proceeded to say that Raila has changed his political approach, and has a good model that should be well understood by Kenyans. 

“I am very excited and happy that the former Prime Minister is coming to Kenyans and telling them what he wants to do for them.”

“Right now, he’s good. He has come up with a semblance of the model. Let us give him an opportunity to explain himself,” Khalwale noted.

While giving his remarks, Khalwale said that the way Kenyans are clear with the bottom-up economic model is the same way they should be with Raila’s model. 

He maintained that Raila, just like other presidential aspirants, should not be bashed when they bring their ideas to the table. 

“In our case, we are very clear about the bottom up. Let us not bash him when he talks. Mutua will do the same and other presidential candidates as well,” remarked the former lawmaker.

Notably, his sentiments were backed by Homa bay Women Representative Gladys Wanga, who pointed out that Raila is yet to give more details about his social welfare program, and all he needs is a listening ear. 

“The social welfare plan that Raila Odinga outlined is not standing in isolation. He will continue to roll out what his full plan is going to be,” Wanga assured. 


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