KHALWALE now reveals why he stopped questioning the source of RUTO’s wealth and why he jealously defends him now – You won’t believe this


Former Kakamega Senator, Dr. Boni Khalwale, has come clean on why he stopped questioning the source of Deputy President William Ruto’s wealth.

Speaking during an interview, Khalwale revealed that he stopped questioning Ruto’s wealth because the man is clean.

According to him, he sat down with Ruto, asked all the questions he had and got the answers he needed.

“After I started working with the Deputy President we settled this matter… I’m happy the questions I raised at that time and for which I have received credible answers from the Deputy President, that even Matiang’i himself went to Parliament with a similar audit, if there was any criminality by now, given that I raised it at that time and Matiang’i himself has come with it, we would have seen proceedings in court against the DP,” he said.

Khalwale was one of the harshest critics of Deputy President William Ruto in the run-up to the 2017 General Election.

He used every opportunity to question the source of the DPs wealth, arguing that his salary as Deputy President could not sustain the lifestyle he was living.

At a NASA rally in Bomet, Khalwale listed several properties and assets allegedly owned by the DP and put him to task to explain how he acquired them.

Four years later, Khalwale is now one of the chief defenders of DP Ruto.

He no longer questions the source of his wealth and is on the forefront defending the DP against critics.


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