Kidnapped ‘pregnant’ woman was not expectant

Saida Abdulahman, who was allegedly abducted while pregnant, at the Mombasa Law Courts.

A 20-year-old Mombasa woman who claimed she was abducted while pregnant in 2018 and lost her baby in the hands of her kidnappers was in fact not expectant, a medical report reveals.

Dr Nafsa Mohamed told a Mombasa court yesterday that the woman was not pregnant at the time of the alleged abduction and that she has never been expectant.

The medic was testifying in a case in which Ms Saida Abdulahman Baraka and her husband, Mr Mohamed Abdulahman, are charged with giving false information to police.

The witness said the tests conducted using the suspect’s urine and the ultrasound carried out twice on her gave negative results for pregnancy.

“From the above finding, a conclusion was drawn that the suspect was not pregnant and has not been pregnant. There has been no delivery. There are no signs of physical abuse and injury on the patient,” Dr Mohamed said.

At the time, Ms Baraka’s concerned family members had said she was eight months pregnant when she disappeared on September 20, 2018.


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