Kikuyu hawker surviving on porridge & juice after rogue county askaris plucked out all his teeth along Tom Mboya street for denying them Sh 100 bribe (PHOTO).


A 25-year-old man is nursing serious injuries after all his teeth were plucked out by rogue Nairobi City County askaris.

The victim identified as Anthony Maina revealed that he was going on with his daily hustle of hawking socks along the busy Tom Mboya street on July 2, 2021, when three city askaris approached him and demanded Sh 100 bribe.

Maina said that he dishes out Sh 100 bribe to the askaris every day but on that fateful day, he had only Sh 20 in his pocket, which they declined, saying it was too little.

They reportedly handcuffed him and beat him mercilessly using a metal rode before fleeing in their county vehicle.

His family rushed him to Mama Lucy Hospital where he was admitted and later discharged.

“We took Anthony to Mama Lucy hospital where he was admitted but the damage on his mouth is severe even after doctors stitched the badly damaged lower jaw,” his brother Elias Mwangi said.

Maina is currently recuperating at home and despite reporting the matter to the police, no action has been taken against the rogue county askaris.

 “My brother is struggling to eat. He can’t chew anything. He can only take porridge and juice using a straw,” his brother added.

Here’s a photo of the victim.

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