Kila mtu ako na pombe? Iyanii releases Valentine’s song


Iyanii, the artist who gave Kenyans one of the best party songs of 2021 is back with a bang. 

This time, it is a Valentine’s day song. 

The ‘Pombe’ hitmaker sings that even on the day that men are expected to have a good time with their loved ones, they will be in the bar having fun. 

For all the men that are single, will not be able to send fare, or those that their girlfriends will go offline, the bar is the best place to enjoy Valentine’s day.

The season of love comes with a lot of entertainment, as new songs are created to diss ladies who expect much on valentines day. 

One common song is the ‘Valentine’s is coming, where is you boyfriend’ song by the Kabusa Oriental Choir in Nigeria that was released in February last year. 

The same choir has now released an extended Verse 3 song on the same. 

Another common Valentine’s song is a parody by Padi Wubonn, who represents the Stingy Men Associations – Valentine’s is never in the budget of this category of men.


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