Kivutha Kibwana Comes Clean on Secret Meetings With Ruto


During an interview on Thursday, January 27, Kiambu Senator Kimani Wamatangi asked Kibwana why he fell out with his deputy, Adelina Mwau, after she joined UDA yet he has been meeting Ruto behind closed doors.

“There was a time when you were at Ruto’s residence in Karen and word went round that you were one of the people who are likely to be his running mate. Indeed, the DP went to Makueni after the meeting and you were hosted by him in that rally.

“I have the guts to ask you this because you are an honest man, what’s the difference now that Adelina decided to go to the DP? Why does it feel like a betrayal when she has gone?” Wamatangi posed.

However, Kibwana stated that he has not been holding secret meetings with Ruto, noting that governors have Intergovernmental Budget and Economic Council (IBEC) meetings with the DP who chairs them and at times he asks to speak to them privately.

“We have our IBEC meetings with him. After the meetings, he can ask to meet you and you can not say no because he is the Deputy President of Kenya. Even now, if he asks to speak to me in his capacity as the DP, I cannot say that I will not meet him,” Kibwana explained. 

The Makueni Governor revealed that the first time he hosted Ruto in Makueni was during a state function where he was presiding over an event by the youth drawn from different parts of the county.

He added that when the DP visits a church in his region, he cannot refuse to accompany him since he (Kibwana) also believes in God.

The Makueni County boss explained that he is a strong supporter of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) leader, Raila Odinga, and will rally people to vote for him as the fifth President of Kenya.

“For me, there are things that I need to see in a person before supporting them. If Ruto had asked me to be his running mate, I would have told him it will not happen. If Ruto continues to be the DP and he comes to Makueni for official reasons, I will not run away from him,” he explained.

On January 25,  Kibwana announced that he had disowned Makueni deputy governor, Adelina Mwau for joining Ruto’s camp. He explained that she never consulted anyone about the move and it will be difficult for them to work together.

“I am shocked to learn that my deputy is joining Ruto’s camp. She and I have worked well for two terms. She will now have to walk the political path alone, without our input,” Kibwana observed.


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