KPLC Explains Nationwide Delay in Token Purchase


In a statement issued on Thursday, March 3, the entity noted that their technical team had been dispatched to sort out the issue- affirming that a number of users had lodged complaints regarding the issue. 

They stated that the affected platforms would resume once the hitch is resolved.

“We would like to inform our customers that we are experiencing a technical hitch which is affecting the prepaid token generation and postpaid bill payment.

“Our team has identified the issue and restoration of normal services are currently in progress so that customers can access the affected platforms soon. We apologise for the inconvenience caused,” read part of the statement.

A number of users had taken to social media to lament that they were unable to access tokens- arguing that there wasn’t an alternative way of purchasing tokens.

“This is a classic case of 2 monopolies holding us hostage. Does this mean there is no alternative way to buy tokens? Even physically at the KPLC Office. I have not had power for 13 hours and counting

“It has been 18 hours!! and you still haven’t sorted out the issue with KPLC paybill Kenya Power needs to get Kenyans an alternative token payment system to avoid this predicament in the future.

“What is wrong with KPLC? Every means of payment is not working! What is the way forward?” read some of the online comments. 

Kenya Power has been initiating a drive to curb cases of downtime, pointing out that vandalism has been a major cause in various parts of the country.

“Vandalism of the power infrastructure is simply retrogressive. It compromises the stability of the network thereby affecting the reliability of our power supply. This scares away potential investors who are crucial for job creation. 

“Be progressive. Make the most of toll-free 991 to rid our country of these vandals today,” Kenya Power stated.


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