Lamu Drug Dealer Killed


Police in Lamu County have killed one drug dealer known as Bunu Sabaki Shee who was in company of two other men who are being sought after they escaped.

Two men in Lamu County had been suspected of attacking Police Officers at SIU on the 9th of August, 2020. The National Police Service who had received this information went to Kwasasi Village, in their friends’ homestead where they were allegedly hiding.

The officers questioned the wife on the whereabouts of his husband and the suspects but she seemed reluctant to give out any information; her son, however, offered to take them to where the suspects were.

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The three men were found in the shamba armed with pangas, ready to attack. Attempts to make them surrender were not successful since the suspects dashed to a nearby bush. The owner of the homestead decided to bravely advance towards one of the officers while hurling threats of cutting him with the weapon.

Warning shots were fired to make the suspect surrender but he stubbornly kept advancing to the officer who was forced to immobilize him; the suspect succumbed to injuries.

It was later discovered that the culprits were cultivating cannabis sativa which was later uprooted by the The DCI officers. More investigations are being carried out on the case.


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