Lillian exposes more about why and how they split with Mutua


Former first lady of Machakos Lillian Ng’ang’a has opened up on her relationship with governor Alfred Mutua, terming him as a pleasant person who is easy to talk to.

In an interview with Nation Africa, Lilian opened up on meeting the then government spokesperson in a Mombasa-bound flight. By then, she was working as a flight attendant with Kenya Airways. Lilian said a friendship developed between her and Mutua, before he asked her out and started courting her.

“I knew he was the government spokesperson but we would meet many people in the line of duty. He was very easy to talk to and pleasant. So it was easy to become friends with him.” she says.

Soon after Mutua gave Lilian a ring, and confessed that despite being married, he wanted her in his life, even if he had not figured how. However, this was short-lived as Lilian broke off the blossoming relationship, vowing she could never date a married man.

The smitten governor would stop at nothing to woo the then 26 year old beauty back, including sorting out his marital problems with his then wife.

“They had issues at the time, some of which I witnessed, although he told me they were living separate lives, and that being with me was not an issue. But I insisted he sorts everything out and then he will come get me.”

“Alfred turned every stone in the world to get me back, but I insisted I was not going to be a side girl he sees, goes on trips with and then goes back to his house.”

“He put in much effort to get me back by sorting out his issues with the ex.” Lilian says.

She says trouble started in the relationship after a series of issues erupted, leading to a lot of inconsistencies.

“We have had issues over the years. There were inconsistencies from him, but when you do that, you forget some of the things you have said. Most of the time we resolved these issues. However, last year the issues could not be resolved after I called him out.”

Lilian further says Mutua was a control freak and she had been accustomed to doing things his ways over the years.

When she told the governor that she was trying to secure formal employment in 2020, the governor said that would embarass him as it would appear that he was not supporting her.

“I think he felt like he was losing his grip on me and that brought serious fights between us.At the end of the day, I was not trying to match him. We have a 15-year age difference, but he always wanted me to be that same girl he met 10 years ago yet I am now 36 years old.” Lillian says.

“I decided I was not going to make it a norm for men to keep messing up and me as the woman keep forgiving. In my culture, a woman is expected to keep putting up with everything, but I had had enough.”

Upon breaking up Lilian then left their Kileleshwa home where they had co-habited for eight years, taking only her clothes with her. She then goes on to say that Mutua tried wooing her back by promising her a white wedding to make her secure and comfortable.

“In August this year, he told me he will give me a white wedding and have my father walk me down the aisle. He told me to choose a date even if it was in a week’s time.”

However, Lillian would have none of it, and even returned a brand new land cruiser the governor bought her the same month.

The former first lady maintains that their union was never formalized officially, meaning they were not married. She says that the governor only visited her home for introduction, but was yet to move to the next dowry is paid (Ruracio)


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