Locust swarms spotted in Tanzania

Locust swarms have invaded Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia

Locusts swarms have now been spotted in northern Tanzania after months of wreaking havoc on crops across other East African countries.

Kilimanjaro Regional Commissioner Anna Mgwira has confirmed to the BBC that swarms of locusts were spotted in villages in Moshi area. They are thought to have spread from neighbouring Kenya.

Ms Mgwira said government focus is on areas close to Taveta area, near the border.

“When we got this news in the morning, we started checking our neighbours close to Taveta, but there were no signs of locusts, but this evening, there were reports showing that around Moshi, locusts were seen,” Ms Mgwira said on Sunday.

She said the government will soon announce how it plans to combat the swarms.

The sighting of locusts in Moshi has sparked concern among farmers who fear that they may lose their crops.

The swarms have been wrecking havoc in Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia in what has been termed as the worst locust invasion in 25 years in the Horn of Africa region.


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