LOUIS OTIENO’s son, SILAS MIAMI, trashes the Bible and describes it as a storybook.


Louis Otieno’s son, Silas Miami, has told off Christians who are quoting the Bible and advising him to honour his parents after he refused to visit his ailing mother and made it clear that he will never forgive her.

Silas, who is based in South Africa, where he works as a filmmaker, said that he doesn’t care what is written in the Bible.

He further described the Bible as a storybook full of tales.

Silas was responding to a Tweet from one of his followers who advised him to honour his parents as stated in the Bible after he refused to make peace with his mother for abusing him when he was growing up.

“Christians- I don’t give a f******* about your Lil storybook. F******* off,” he tweeted.

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Silas also doesn’t see eye to eye with his father Louis Otieno.

In March this year, he accused his father of being a deadbeat dad.

He further revealed that his father didn’t provide for them when they were growing up despite having fame and money.

Silas is a controversial figure on Twitter where he posts hard-hitting tweets attacking his parents and defending the rights of the LGBTQ community.


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