Lying requires intelligence, Miguna says on Githongo affidavit

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Lawyer Miguna Miguna has dismissed claims by governance expert John Githongo that IEBC’s election results portal was hacked and figures altered.

Githongo, Kenya’s former anti-corruption czar, filed an affidavit Monday in support of Raila Odinga’s presidential petition in which he claims Dennis Itumbi hacked the portal and changed Forms 34A in favour of President-elect William Ruto.

Itumbi is Ruto’s digital strategist and has dismissed the allegations, saying Githongo had created a fictional composition.

“We will meet in the Supreme Court and show the world how much of lies they have put together to form sentences in the name of a legal affidavit,” Itumbi said.

Miguna holds that were this the case, Itumbi would have given the Deputy President the win by a superior margin.

“If Ole Itumbi had hacked the IEBC system, portal and server and posted/published fake form 34As as alleged by John Githongo, why didn’t he give Williams Ruto 60 or 70 or 80 or 90% instead of 50.49?” Miguna asked in a tweet.

“Why give Raila Odinga 48.85? Even lying requires intelligence,” he added.

A record of eight petitions have been filed at the Supreme Court seeking to overturn President-elect William Ruto’s win.

Former Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria also filed a cross-petition seeking to compel the apex court not to hear any of the presidential petitions for lack of merit.

In the affidavit he filed alongside IT expert Benson Wesonga, Githongo attached screenshots of images which he claims prove that the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission public portal was hacked, original Forms 34As deleted and fake ones with altered figures uploaded.

Githongo’s affidavit shows that he was in touch with a UDA insider who was part of 56 hackers contracted by UDA to alter the vote tally in the portal at the UDA tallying centre.

“The young man was visibly tense and frightened,” Githongo said of his informant.

“The 56-man team had 10 supervisors. He was one of the supervisors while the 46 were accessing, entering and manipulating the entries,” Githongo said.

Wesonga’s affidavit on the other hand seeks to back Githongo’s claims as an IT expert with many years of experience.

Githongo claims that a forensic analysis of a laptop that was seized by the DCI from UDA operatives shows that it was used to upload fake forms on the public portal.

“The said laptop was connected to the IP which is an external IP that does not belong to the IEBC and where Forms 34A were being stored temporarily, downloaded and then re-uploaded to the IEBC portal through an application for sharing data (SharePoint).


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