Somalia is a great Nation, the Horn of Africa where great minds and natural resources exists. After gaining independence Somalia enjoyed freedom for only 20 years before its democracy and freedom was raped by Civil wars orchestrated by self-declared war-lord Generals.

In 1991 the central government of Somalia collapsed. The rest is history until in 2004 when an armed wing of Islamic Courts Union (ICU) formed the group Al-Shabaab with an intention to create an Islamic Nation which later turned to be a terror outfit.
Since 2004 Al-Shabaab has killed thousands, tortured and maimed innocent Somalis. The group is deeply rooted in radical and extremist practices.

Al-Shabaab was controlling nearly the whole of Somalia before African Union sent troops from member states to combat the militants.
AMISOM troops have weakened Al-Shabaab operations in Somalia. From a strong militant group to a feeble militia. The group has been trounced and kicked out of the places it controlled. This has been proven by their desperate attacks against unarmed civilians and change of modus operandi.
We are grateful to all troops operating in Somalia for their sacrifice to make the country great again despite the looming political wrangles which might water down the efforts and achievement made so far.

Gone are days when Al-Shabaab had operating base and controlled towns. The group is on its knees. Sooner than we think Al-Shabaab will be history. But we just have one request before AMISOM ends its mandate, make sure SNA is well equipped and has the capacity to continue conquering the weak Al-Shabaab militia group.

By Ahmed Mohamed
Senior Reporter on Terrorism in Africa


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