Somaliweyn was a great idea of uniting all Somalia regions until the idea was hijacked by terrorists and Farmaajo Government.

Today, Somaliweyn has failed terribly and divided Somalia further than it was before Farmaajo rose to power. Somaliweyn entailed; a federal structure incorporating a significant degree of regional autonomy, a presidency from Somaliland to head Federal Government of Somalia which has never happened.

The current Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) has violated the constitution further by interfering with member states’ internal affairs thus violating federalism.

Somalia is at a limbo of when to hold election. With two factions each taking hard stand of the election date. The FGS faction led by President Farmaajo is pushing for elections to be postponed until the Electoral body has prepared a register of voters for Somalia people to first participate in one man one vote (1M1V) election since independence.

The other faction which is led by autonomus states member presidents and opposition leaders is pushing election to be held as stated by the constitution. This has led to tensions and high political temperatures within the country which has opened again clan animosity and militia group each allied to specific groups.

The Somalia Prime minister Mohamed Hussein Roble has insisted elections to be held in some regions leaving others. With main interest being Gedo region. Although Gedo region is in Jubaland the FGS actors want to hold elections there against the constitution. This has led to tension in the region with some clans supporting the FGS move to violate the constitution and others against the ill motive.

This has resulted to clan militia clashes which have spilled over to Kenya especially in Mandera. In the last one week the Mandera County Governor Ali Roba has raised concern over insecurity in the area terming it as “Alshabaab attacks” while it’s very clear these are clan militia who want to destabilize the region not to hold election.

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Early last year some elected Kenyan members of Parliament secretly visited National Intelligence Service Agency (NISA) of Somalia to discuss Somalia election.

Details of the discussion are yet to be unveiled. But from analytical view the current Mandera state of insecurity might be one of the dossiers for Somalia not to hold election.

The Somalia president has shown clear signs that Somalia will not hold election despite the push by international community and political leaders not to extend his term. More tensions and attacks are likely to be witnessed in Somalia and spill overs to Kenyan border area within the next few week to divert the attention from election to the war against terror.

Mandera current situation is not terror instigated but clan militias who are working for specific people to destabilize Gedo region so that the FGS can use it as a scapegoat to postpone elections in the region.


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