Masten Wanjala’s Family Refuses To Bury Him

Suspected serial killer Masten Wanjala in court on Friday, July 15, 2021

Speaking to a local media outlet on Sunday, October 24,  Wanjala’s kin, who chose to remain anonymous, explained that burying him in their Bungoma home would spell doom to the family.

He further explained that because of the atrocities he committed, having the serial killers body lay in their home would bring a curse not only upon the family but also the clan at large.

“We are afraid that if we bury him, we, as a clan, might be perceived as killers,” he revealed.

Contrary to an earlier request by Robert Watila, Wanjala’s father, to have the state give him his son’s body for burial, the family is yet to collect his body from the morgue. They have since renounced any association with their infamous kin who hit the headlines for wrong reasons.

Notably, the family was also absent Wednesday, October 20, when  a postmortem was conducted on the deceased’s body by detectives from the homicide team.

Abiud Musungu, an assistant chief at Mukhweya Village, revealed that the authorities have asked the family and the clan at large to take a DNA test and bury their son. However, the family rejected the call , asking for more time to deliberate over the matter.

The family member also disclosed that they had contemplated to suing the government over Wanjala’s death. They claimed foul play, specifically raising questions on how he managed to escape police custody yet he was always heavily guarded.

“The last time he was here is about two months ago under heavy police escort, casting doubt on how he managed to escape,” he stated.

While acknowledging the wrongdoings of their son, the family stated that it would be prudent for the police to arraign him in court and have him charged. That way, families of his victim would get justice.

Wanjala was lynched by a mob on October 15 in his parent’s home in Mukhweya village, Bungoma County after he escaped from Jogoo Road Police Station in Nairobi, under unclear circumstances.

Three police officers accused of aiding the escape of Wanjala have since been arraigned before the Milimani Law Court and freed on Friday, October 22, on a Ksh300,000 bond or a Ksh150,000 cash bail.


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