Mchungaji mla kondoo: Man cries on social media after a PASTOR snatched his beautiful wife of 12 years (PHOTOs).


A jilted man has taken to social media and exposed a pastor who wrecked his marriage.

The Nigerian man identified as Bright Ben went on a ranting spree on Facebook and narrated how he introduced his wife to the rogue pastor, not knowing that he was secretly wooing her behind his back. 

His marital woes started after the pastor appointed his wife to lead women in the church.

After his wife was elevated by the rogue pastor, she reportedly moved out of their matrimonial home with their two kids and cut communication after blocking his phone number.

The poor man recently discovered that the rogue pastor had married his wife after seeing their photos online.

When he reached out to the pastor and questioned him why he had snatched his wife, he told him that the Holy Spirit had connected them.

The rogue man of God runs a church called World Bank Assembly that is located in Nigeria.

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Here are photos of the jilted man and his wife before she dumped him for the pastor.

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