Measures to cope with sexual assault

The importance of talking about the assault, she says, is to help in the healing process.

Despite it being more than two years since Vera* was sexually assaulted, the events that took place that fateful Sunday June 2017 still remains fresh on her mind.

For this 22 year old, it is a case of being raped by people he knew. It all began on the night of Saturday June 17, 2017.

Then, she was only 20 years and working as a bar attendant at a small local club in Nairobi’s Embakasi estate.


“Apparently the club owner was operating without a license and so when the police came calling at around 9pm, and being the only one on duty at the time, I was arrested,” she explains.

According to Vera, like other people in custody that night, they had to endure hours of being driven throughout the estate as the police made other arrests.


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