Meet 26-Yr-Old Kenyan Footballer Earning Ksh1.2 Million Salary at European Club


26-year-old Bruce Kamau is among the Kenyans who got the rare opportunity to play in the Greece Super League having signed for the OFI Crete football club in July 2021.

Prior to joining the Greek club, Kamau played in the Australian League having relocated to the country with his family at the age of four.

However, his journey to play for the top clubs in Australia did not come easily as he started his career playing for various clubs in the second division. 

In 2016 at the age of 21 years, Kamau got a breakthrough in his career after he signed for Melbourne City, a club owned by English Premier League (EPL) club, Manchester City.  At the time, his talent was noticed after playing as a forward for Adelaide United.

During the transfer, he stated that the move would help him grow his career as Melbourne City was one of the teams dominating the Australian league. 

“It’s a hard decision to leave the club, especially after such a good year and the way we turned it around, I’m from Adelaide. I grew up here. My family is here. 

“The direction City is taking is fantastic. They’ve got a good vision. It’s a great opportunity and hopefully, if I do well it will present other opportunities with the group,” stated then.

After two years in Melbourne, his performance earned him several suitors in the league, and eventually landed a three-year contract with Western Sydney in 2018 where he scored nine goals in 23 games.

Following his skillful displays in front of the goal, Crete signed him on a three-year contract. Currently, the Kenyan star wears the number 11 shirt and plays as a right-winger earning Ksh1.2 million a month.

An image of Bruce Kamau Celebrating after scoring a goal.
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However, Kamau has been recognised for his versatility and often plays in the left-wing and right back.

His versatility has seen his market value in the league rise and he is estimated to be worth Ksh50 million in the transfer market. 


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