Meet SHIRU, the beautiful lady ‘servicing’ MAINA KAGENI in America as he enjoys birthday vacation – Money is good!


Seasoned media personality, Maina Kageni, is in the US enjoying a birthday vacation.

The flamboyant radio presenter jetted to the US about a week ago and if the videos that he is sharing online are anything to go by, then he is having a memorable time.

A beautiful Kikuyu lady called Shiru is ‘servicing’ Maina Kageni and giving him company as he enjoys his short birthday vacation in America.

Maina is on the record saying that he loves women although he is not married and has no plans of marrying.

In one of the videos that he shared on social media, he is seen getting mushy with the pretty lady as they prepare to step out for a party.

And in another video, they are seen at a beach in Miami having fun.

“Welcome to the world of Shiru,” he captions the video.

Maina Kageni’s fans have urged him to bring Shiru home and marry her, although he has clearly stated that he will never marry.


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