MICHELLE NTALAMI reveals what she is looking for in a new partner after breaking up with MAKENA NJERI – Team Wamlambez, where are you?


Marini Naturals CEO, Michelle Ntalami, is ready to move on after breaking up with former BBC journalist, Makena Njeri.

The sassy entrepreneur went on a ranting spree a few weeks ago and announced that she was no longer dating Makena.

She claimed that infidelity was the root cause of their flopped affair.

She went on to accuse Makena of cheating on her with multiple women – including a married woman and a well-known public figure.

And while she is committed to healing mentally and emotionally before indulging in another relationship, she has revealed the qualities she is looking for in her new partner.

“They have to be taller than me. I like height. Honesty, I think Kenyans know I stand for honesty and truth, it’s ok if it hurts me… just tell me the truth, I don’t take deceit too kindly,” she said in an interview.

“I am a kind person, I am all about good energy. 

“I don’t know how to date mean people or even have them as friends. 

“I love people with a good heart, God-fearing. 

“God has to be at the centre of everything,” she added.


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