MICHELLE NTALANI now says she is open to dating men after a bitter breakup with MAKENA NJERI.


Marini Naturals CEO and brand influencer, Michelle Ntalami, has opened up about her love life after a painful breakup with her long-time lover Makena Njeri.

Interacting with her fans online, the sassy entrepreneur said she had moved on after parting ways with Makena but she is still in the process of healing.

“Healing? Not yet, it’s a journey. But moved on, yes. Moving on is a subjective phrase to a lot of people.

“For me it means I’m in a better place mentally and emotionally, I’ve taken steps,” she responded to a question posed by one of her followers.

Michelle further said that although she is perceived to be a member of the LGBTQ community, she is open to dating a man, adding that she is attracted to masculine energy.

 “Will you date a man by any chance?” a follower asked and she responded saying, “Haha… it’s the ‘by any chance for me.’ Absolutely yes.”

“I like men, masculinity, masculine or ‘masc’ energy,” she added.


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