Miguna Miguna in Court Seeking Arrest Of Foreign Affairs CS Raychelle Omamo


Lawyer Miguna Miguna has filed a case in court seeking to have Foreign Affairs CS Raychelle Omamo committed to a six-month civil jail term for disobeying court orders directing that he comes back into the country.

In a petition filed through lawyer Adrian Kamotho Njenga, Miguna claims that the actions by Omamo are in bad faith, adding that apart from the civil jail, the CS together with the State should be ordered to compensate him

“Pending hearing and determination of his application an order be and is hereby issued directing Raychelle Omamo to immediately purge the contempt and enable Miguna to obtain his emergency travel document from the Kenya High Commission Ottawa or the Kenya High commission Berlin as was ordered by court in November 22 last year,” reads court papersHe is also seeking orders restraining any officer or person  from obstructing, hindering or interfering with the arrest of Omamo.

“In the event of further failure to comply with orders of the honourable court, an order of citizen arrest be and is hereby issued to the Citizens of Republic of Kenya, jointly or severally to arrest on sight and deliver Omamo to Kamiti Maximim prison,” says Miguna

 He has accused the CS of refusing to comply with the ruling and the order of the court adding that she’s aware of the court order.

Miguna says he went to the  Kenya High Commission in Berlin, Germany after the court ordered that he be issued with the emergency travel documents but they declined.

“When I returned to the embassy on November 23 with physical copies of the order, the High Commission in Berlin locked me outside the building in cold winter weather for more than 30 minutes and subsequently refused to receive a copy of the order that I presented to them.

“One of the officials stated that they would not issue him with the emergency travel document until and unless they had received instructions from senior officials at the Ministry of Interior in Nairobi. The Deputy head of missions laughed at me and pretended that she was going to get the Head of Missions but never returned to the conference room,” submits Miguna.

He adds: “I spent 4,300 USD on airfare and 3,400 USD on hotel accommodation plus transportation and necessities such as food and other basic needs,” he says.

According to him, up-to-date Air France has never refunded the fare for the Berlin-Nairobi trip, adding that he spent more than 10,000 USD on the latest trip,

“Besides, I spent an equivalent amount in March 2018 and January 2020 when the state prevented me from entering Kenya.

I seek severe penal punishment including but not limited to custodial sentences of the contemnors in addition to having them ordered to jointly and severally compensate me for the losses incurred in relation to the aborted trip to Kenya in November,” reads court papers.


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