Mike Sonko vows to continue posting incriminating reports on social media.


Former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko has refuted claims that he has been barred by the courts from posting exposès on his social media platforms.

Sonko had in the recent weeks released videos and call recordings that implicated High Court judge Justice Said Chitembwe, Nairobi governor Anne Kananu and his former lawyer Cecile Miller in a web of underhand dealings to influence outcome of court cases.

Following these daring exposès, reports surfaced online stating that the ex-county head had been barred from posting more videos.

Sonko has however stated that he is yet to be served with the said orders, that he says he has only seen online. He has sworn to continue running his exposes until the court serves him with an order.

“Upto now I have not been served with any court order barring me from posting anything on social media. I RESPECT court orders lawfully issued.

However I was wondering why some funny people were trying to apply the law selectively by demanding to vet and swear someone facing active corruption charges in court alongside my predecessor to ascend to DG’s post.

My compliments to the Judiciary for prohibiting these illegal processes this evening. Alluta continua,” Sonko stated.


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