Milly Chebby was tempted to cheat on husband


Content creator Milly Chebby says she was tempted to cheat on her comedian husband Terence Creative when he cheated on her.

In an interactive session on their You Tube, Milly said once women love, they focus on that love.

“When you cheated and came back, I was about to cheat but I think I was brought up well,” she said.

In 2019, the comedian was involved in a cheating scandal with Anita Soina, 21.

In a Q and A session, Terence said he learnt from his mistakes.

“Yes, I cheated, and through that, I learnt my lesson. Milly and I are good. The devil comes in many ways. God forbid. I will never repeat it.”

Speaking on how she handled the cheating scandal, Milly mirrored his sentiments, thanking Terence for being honest at the time.

Milly said she hates that her husband does not listen to her warnings.

“You always have to do your mistakes. I might tell you something today but you will have to fail on that thing for you to realise I was telling you the truth. I wish I could tell you to stop doing something and you’d stop.”


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