Molo Man,28, Proposes To Lover In Naivas Supermarket, Unbothered Man Looked At Them And Noded Head.

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Although marriage and engagement between two lovers were greatly valued in our tradition African societies, it have greatly changed and cases of devorce are witnessed every day.

Dramatic scene was witnessed from Nakuru county in the former Rift Valley province at Naivas supermarket when a man,28, from Molo identified as James Munene proposed to the love of his heart in public.]

According to Mary Wangari, an accountant in the facility, both had arrived separately but did the shopping together. “Munene knelt down and removed a ring from his pocket.” She said.

What caught the attention of the members of public however is the gentleman who was ahead of them in the payment line. He looked at them and nodded his head and continued with his business in the phone as nothing was happening.

This raised mixed reactions online with most of the netizens disclosing that marriage is no longer an achievement.

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