Money Heist: Armed thugs raid 3 Mpesa shops in Kamukunji and steal a total of Sh 1.3 Million within minutes before disappearing into a nearby slum.


6 armed thugs raided three Mpesa shops in Kamukunji at 5.30 am and stole a total of Sh 1.3 million.

Shadrack Ondela, an Mpesa operator in the area, was the first to be attacked.

He lost Sh 244,000 during the Thursday morning incident.

His colleague Mumo of Maaanal Ventures lost Sh 300,000 while Mutile lost Sh 800,000 during the robbery incident.

According to a police report, the thugs accosted the Mpesa operators while armed with pistols and ordered them to surrender the money.

The robbers are said to have walked away slowly after the businessmen complied and entered the nearby Majengo slums.

The authorities said the three M-Pesa businesses were next to each other. 

A fourth shop belonging to Ann Ngina Kilonzi was also broken into, but nothing was stolen because there was no money in the storage box.

Despite eyewitnesses being present at the scene, none of them dared to stop the robbery or raise the alarm, the police report filed under the OB Number 23/04/05/2022 said.


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