More drama as SARAH KABU reveals why she doesn’t see eye to eye with her husband’s 24-year-old daughter – Calls her a stranger.


Controversial city businesswoman Sarah Kabu is still not on good terms with her husband’s firstborn daughter.

Trouble started two months ago after Sarah revealed that Simon’s 24-year-old daughter had taken custody of her children after their publicized domestic dispute.

Sarah says that despite mending fences with Kabu, she still demands an apology from his daughter.

According to her, Kabu’s daughter is a total stranger to her, and therefore, she demands an apology from her for taking her children.

“I was trending because I was defending my children I feel they are very precious and nobody should pull such a string just because you have some rights,” she said in an interview over the weekend.

“That one was something that even the strongest woman that you see, if you really want to touch her or shake her, touch her children,” she added.

Sarah said she had never imagined that someone can pick her kids and go with them without her consent.

She had no access to her kids for 10 days and it was one of the most traumatizing moments in her life.

 “I had never imagined that someone can come pick my kids and go with them without my permission. When it happened I became like that chicken who defends her chicks. It took me 10 good days without access to my children and it was traumatizing. People would only see one post but I was going through a tough time,” she said.


  1. Mrs.Kabu you are a drama queen. Who else could your husband entrust the care of his children if not their older sibling? If you cannot call her your daughter too…then you make one of those unfriendly step mums. friendshup


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