More shocking details on the extradited Belgian drug dealer, FRANK DE TANK, and his Kenyan girlfriend – She was going through hell and faking smiles on TikTok.


Frank De Tank, popularly known as Frank Murugi on Tiktok left Antwerp Belgium after narrowly escaping an assassination attempt by fellow drug lords who feared he might expose them to the authorities after he was arrested and arraigned in court with charges of transporting over 2 tons of cocaine to Belgium and fraudulently raising over Ksh 450 million.

Fearing for his security, immediately he got bailed, he quickly moved his family, wife and two sons to Genk and took a flight to Nairobi as a tourist, first booking himself at Mara Serena Lounge in Maasai Mara before moving to Mombasa. It is here that he started dating the little Miss Murugi via Instagram as he did to countless Kenyan girls and winning her, later staying with her and ‘marrying’ her.

The little girl on her side had just finished school and despite not joining a college yet, the parents had planned to enroll her for a course at Utalii College. By the time she was leaving to meet Frank, she had visited a boyfriend who is a lab-tech at a school and just saw a future in Frank rather than her struggling boyfriend, She left and according to the boy, the lady blocked him only to see her with the bodybuilder later on Tiktok.

The lady expected to make fortune from this relationship but Frank is a mean person. He would don designer’s clothes but the little girl was always in cheap mutumba; He never even allowed the little girl to access his bedroom and kitchen despite giving her the title ‘wife’ .

 Frank would only allow her in the bedroom when her nunu needs to be hammered and when he is not around, the bedroom and kitchen locked.

Not enough, he would come with other girls and they do threesome which he openly acknowledged being a fan of. It is rumoured he even used to hammer ‘male-backbox’ and the threesome would either include a male or a female third participant. Miss Murugi tolerated all these because she was dedicated to ‘make it in life’

Sadly, according to her family, the man wasn’t giving her money despite having it and living luxuriously. She would sometimes ask for bamba from his siblings especially when the man get cold on her after a disagreement which would go even for two weeks.

 During these two weeks, she would still be forced to feature on Frank’s Tiktok video. She was a sad soul on a forged smiley face. 

Frank thought the Kenyan system works like those of the western world countries where once you marry their citizen you automatically become a citizen so he hurriedly married Miss Murugi in some pedestrian matrimonial / wedding ceremony before making her pregnant though a miscarriage occurred. He paid the lady’s family 150K as dowry, cheating them he would add something as they were then in hurry to travel to Belgium.

It was a lie when he said the Belgian embassy denied the girlfriend a VISA because he was a fugitive and couldn’t even present himself at the Embassy. The Belgian authority wanted him. 

His official Facebook account has totally nothing to do with Miss Murugi, it is about his Belgian family and businesses. There is no single picture or mention of this little soul who even insulted fellow Kenyans while protecting his beastly lover. The lady called Kenyans all sorts of names when the netizens especially on TikTok questioned certain things.

A few days ago, Frank was arrested alongside the ‘wife’, Miss Murugi, and extradited to answer charges of drug trafficking in an Antwerp court in Belgium. The lady was later released but funnily, instead of Frank letting her go to the house instructed a fellow Belgian and a friend to occupy the house. The lady was told to stay in the hotel for the time being with only 20K left for her.

Maybe one day, our girls will learn and decisively trickle the lessons to subsequent generations. One thing that we need to continue shouting to the younger citizens is that there isn’t a greener pasture if you aren’t ready to water it with your own genuine sweats. The already greener ones you are rushing to always ends up being bait or your contribution is expected to continue watering it.

I know there is that perpetual urge to prosper in each of us and young people are struggling to roll the rocks of poverty and change their story and that of their families but some opportunities however flowery they appear are thorny. 

Education has become a mere societal baptism rather than a commute to success as it used to be and youth are looking for other non-academic and profession-based opportunities but serious evaluation and background checks are needed before blindly jumping to grab such. Young girls need to learn and re-learn.


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