More Than 550 hectares of Aberdare forest destroyed by fire


Forest rangers and volunteers battled flames and strong winds on Sunday to stop a fierce fire raging across Kenya’s Aberdare national park for nearly 24 hours.
The blaze broke out on Saturday night, according to an official working for Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS), the government body in charge of national parks, who said the fire was “moving very fast”.

“We have mobilized the community and staff around and today they have really tried their best… it is only that they were overwhelmed.”

The park’s name was etched in history when Britain’s Elizabeth II, then a princess on a visit to Kenya, received news of her father’s death while staying at the Treetops hotel, a remote game-watching lodge built high into a tree in the Aberdare forest. Rhino Ark,

A conservation charity in Kenya, said on Twitter that it had deployed helicopters to conduct aerial surveys of the area to estimate the extent of damage to the forest cover.

The Mount Kenya Trust, a body set up to conserve the country’s forests, said Sunday that a team had “headed up to help with the bushfires in the Aberdares.
“They will camp and hit the fires at first light,” it said on Twitter.


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