Moses Kuria- Kimani Ichungwa Feud.


The feud escalated after the Kikuyu Legislator told off Moses Kuria after he launched his bid for the Kiambu gubernatorial seat and announced plans to join DP Ruto’s Kenya Kwanza alliance.

Ichung’wah on Friday, March 11, stated that Kuria was unwelcome in United Democratic Alliance (UDA) and that should he want to work with the Deputy President, then he should be ready to tore the line and work in accordance with the set rules.He warned Kuria not to join Kenya Kwanza with high expectations, arguing that the Gatundu South lawmaker is likely to cause division in the coalition and sell party tickets during nominations.

The Kikuyu MP noted that he was also not aware of any talks between UDA and Kuria’s Chama Cha Kazi.

“I’m not aware of any such partnership. UDA is a party that welcomes everyone and if he intends to join UDA, he is welcome but not to create confusion to vend tickets. Our people are in UDA as their party of choice,” Ichung’wah stated.

“He should not come to UDA to create confusion and sell party tickets during nominations.”

His remarks did not settle down well with Kuria who stated that he was shocked by the attacks from Ichung’wah. The Gatundu South MP stated that he was confused why his colleague in the National Assembly was against his choice of party.

Kuria maintained that he was not willing to leave Chama Cha Kazi and join UDA and any negotiations that will happen with the Deputy President William Ruto allied party will not change that.

“I have read the unwarranted attacks on me by my colleague Kikuyu MP Kimani Ichung’wah appearing in today’s Daily Nation with shock and dismay. 

“Mr Ichung’wah seems to have a lot of bile towards me for choosing to belong to the Chama Cha Kazi Party and not the UDA party. This is my democratic right that will not be taken away by Ichung’wah’s juvenile attacks,” Kuria stated.

The Kenyan Kwanza brigade was campaigning in Thika on Friday and Kuria stated that he had not been invited despite earlier revelations that his party was in negotiations with UDA.

In a post shared on his Facebook account, on Friday, March 4, Kuria explained that Chama Cha Kazi is working to form a grand coalition with DP Ruto’s UDA and over 20 other political parties ahead of the much-contested August elections.

“This is to inform Kenyans that Chama Cha Kazi Party and 21 other political parties are in early talks with the Kenya Kwanza Alliance that will lead to a very broad-based grand coalition that will deliver the nation to peace and prosperity. Details to follow” stated the outspoken Legislator.

Kuria’s relationship with the Deputy President has been unclear after the latter refused to join other leaders during the Gatundu MP’s homecoming and thanksgiving ceremony on February 19 in Thika.


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