Mudavadi: I can’t work with Raila Odinga, he can’t be trusted


Speaking in an interview on Tuesday morning, the former Vice President said that he lost trust with Raila Odinga soon after the 2017 General Elections

“After NASA election, we realized we were not walking on the same path and that led me to make the decision I made to leave. In Kenya Kwanza, we want to bring change,” said the ANC boss.

Mudavadi spoke of threats and intimidation to leaders in the Azimio Movement who showed their support towards Deputy President’s UDA party.

“We had rumors of threats in Azimio on people who went public to show their support to Kenya Kwanza,” said Mudavadi.

While launching his Presidential bid in Bomas, Mudavadi ruled out the possibility of working again with the former Prime Minister ahead of the 2022 elections.

He dismissed Azimio la Umoja coalition claiming it wasn’t about the country’s unity. During the Bomas event, he described the outfit as a self-preservation platform for some cunning individuals.

Musalia termed the Azimio la Umoja headed by Raila as a state project after receiving public backing by President Kenyatta and the Mt Kenya Foundation.

“It’s not a secret that Azimio la Umoja is a state project. Even if they hide it, Kenyans can see the use of state machinery wherever they go,” he added.

He noted that President Uhuru Kenyatta was within his right to support Raila’s fifth bid during the forthcoming elections.

“For president Uhuru Kenyatta to show his support for Raila is his personal right. In my view, the Raila we see now is not the person I knew. I didn’t need anyone to convince me about him then but now things are different,” he remarked.

Mudavadi said as Kenya Kwanza Alliance they will respect the will of the Kenyan people if they chose to elect their main competitor as President.

“Come the August General Election and people elect Raila Odinga as their president, I will not have a problem. We are in a democratic country,” said the ANC leader.


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