Mulamwah’s ex Carrol Sonnie to throw a face reveal party for new lover


Comedian Mulamwah’s baby mama Carrol Sonnie has fallen in love again after the nasty break up with the comedian.

In the past few days, the mother of one has been sharing videos with a man she claims to be his new boyfriend.

Over the weekend, Sonnie sparked mixed reactions across social media after sharing videos with her mystery lover.

In the first video, the actress was seen romantically holding hands with the man while showing off her new nails and captioned it;

“Babe, I’m ready for the ring now. Thank you.”

Sonnie also shared a separate video that showed her stroking her lover’s beards.

Sonnie has noted that she will hold a face reveal party for his lover as fans were curious to know whom she ia dating.

In an interview with Nicholas Kioko, the actress said the mystery man has made her feel loved and appropriated and she doesn’t mind spending on him.

“I decided to show people I was happy but chose not to disclose who is making me happy. It was a personal choice but I’ll do a face reveal party for him soon. He needs it, I’m going to spend it on him,” Sonnie said.

Carrol Sonnie and Mulamwah

In an interview with Dr Ofweneke, Mulamwah said he broke up with Sonnie because she wanted to live a life that did not make sense to him. 

He insinuated that Carol went out and sought the lifestyle elsewhere leading to their breakup.  

“So issue yetu ilitokea hapo where nilijaribu ku-instill sense because there are some things that ladies like and if they miss it they will get it somewhere else 

“There are those people born in Nairobi, sisi tumekuja by bus, so we are here to hustle, we have two-three years then we go back, so it’s important that utengeneze hiyo place umetoka,” he said. 

While announcing their breakup, Sonnie clarified that she broke up with the comic over reasons best known to them.
“This is to make it clear that mulamwa and I are no longer together. We have both agreed and decided to part ways for reasons best known to us

“Thank you so much for the love and support you gave us for those 4years, I personally don’t take it for granted,” Sonnie wrote.


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