Murder convict dies after three days at Murang’a GK Prison

Murang'a GK Prison. A man, who had just been convicted of murder died at the facility on February 15, 2020. PHOTO | FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP

A man, who had just been convicted of murder, has died in Murang’a GK Prison. Post-mortem report showed that Joseph Wanyoike Kinyanjui was strangled to death.

Kinyanjui and Alex Odhiambo, an Administration Police officer were on February 6 found guilty of killing Henry Wachira at Kora market Mathioya Constituency five years ago by Murang’a High Court. Kinyanjui, who was visiting his brother at Kora AP post, joined his co accused at a bar.


The two beat up some locals at the shopping centre after a row erupted between locals and the police officer.  

After Justice Kanyi Kimondo found the two guilty of murder, Kinyanjui started his sentence at Murang’a GK Prison only to be killed after three days at the facility.

After his death on Saturday night, a prison warder reported to Muranga Police Station that an inmate had died at the prison’s dispensary where he was receiving treatment for alcohol withdrawal syndrome.

According to the OB number 24/9/2/2020, Kinyanjui aged 35 had no physical injuries save for traces of blood around nasal area and human waste on the buttocks.


“The inmate died while receiving treatment at the Prison Dispensary, he was a known addict of alcohol and started experiencing withdrawal prior to his death. He had no physical injury but had traces of blood around the nasal region and had human faeces around the buttocks,” reads the OB seen by the Nation.

However, the post mortem report indicated that the inmate was strangled to death. His family has blamed the prison for the death of their kin.   

“The body of our brother had injuries and his neck was twisted, he died a painful death, contrary to the prison’s version. He had injuries on his face, he might have been hit by a blunt object. The postmortem report showed that he died out of strangulation, we feel there is [an] attempted cover up to deny our last born brother justice,” Ms Ann Wambui told the Nation.

According to Ms Wambui, her brother had never had problems with alcohol and had never complained of the withdrawal syndrome.

 She wants Murang’a GK Prison authorities to reveal who killed their brother and why.


“We have intelligence that on the fateful night, he kept on screaming but he was never helped by the officers on duty. One of his hands was dislocated, let the authorities reveal the murderers,” Ms Wambui said.

But the officer in charge of Murang’a GK Prison Peter Kubende said the version of strangulation only emerged after the postmortem was conducted. He said the matter now lies before the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI).

“I was away but I was briefed that an inmate complained of [alcohol] withdrawal [syndrome] symptoms, the strangulation version only emerged on Friday after his death, we hope that the DCI will unravel the mystery to establish the culprits and the reason for the death,” Mr Kubende told Nation.


He revealed that the inmate’s cell had 25 others who are serving murder and robbery with violence sentences. He said the inmates will be interrogated over the death of their colleague.

“He reported at the facility on February 6 and on the following day, he depicted the [alcohol] withdrawal [syndrome] symptoms, he was taken to the Prison Dispensary treated and was taken back to the cell where he was recuperating, on Sunday morning, the officer on duty upon his routine inspection, he found out that the inmate was dead,” Mr Kubende said.


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