Mutua Says DP Ruto Was Almost Locked Out Of Obama Meeting In 2015 Over Graft Allegations


Machakos Governor Dr. Alfred Mutua says he sympathizes with the criticism Deputy President William Ruto gets about the source of the money he dishes out in social events.Mutua on Thursday morning talked about a July 2015 incident during which then-US President Barack Obama visited Kenya and Ruto allegedly became the target of corruption allegations.

Mutua said Ruto was almost locked out of a meeting President Obama was attending by other diplomats.

 “I was a witness when president Obama came to this country… they tried to lock him out of Kasarani. There was a meeting that was being held and they were trying to lock out the DP from attending a meeting with President Obama, it’s a long story I’m writing it in my book…” said Mutua.

“The question was issues of corruption, graft. He’s got these issues hanging over his head even to the international community that he needs to clear.”

The governor further advised the Deputy President that although empowering Kenyans is not a bad thing, he needs to set the record straight on his source of wealth in order to clean his image.

“If I was William Ruto I would give a spreadsheet. Show where everything comes from, all his companies, not assets but hard currency cash.”

Praising him as a hardworking man whom he admires, Mutua further called on Ruto to take it easy on the handouts, saying they are only making things worse for him.

“This so-called bribing and giving money to groups are not helping. Ninamsaidia hapa, I’m trying to help, I’m neutral… He is a very hardworking man, I admire the way he has worked hard coming from nothing to where he has put himself, but these things continue to hang above his head,” he stated.

“If we could get clarification on the source of all that money, we will move on to ideology and other things,” added Mutua.


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