Mutula Kilonzo Jnr: Kalonzo Must Be Picked As Raila’s Running Mate Or Else

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A section of Wiper leaders have now insisted that their party leader Kalonzo Musyoka be picked as Raila Odinga’s running mate under the Azimio-One Kenya grand coalition train ahead of the August presidential polls.

Makueni Senator Mutula Kilonzo Jnr, speaking during a meeting in Wote on Saturday, said that since Kalonzo had decided to shelve his presidential ambitions for Odinga, it is only fair that the former deputize the latter.

Mutula argued that Kalonzo had shown his relentless support for the former premier in previous years hence deserves some kind of reciprocation as well.

“Sisi wanachama wa Wiper tumepigana sana ili Kalonzo awe mgombea kiti cha urais kwa sababu 2017 tulikuwa tumekubaliana na Raila kwamba Kalonzo atakua mgombea kiti,” he stated.

“Lakini kwa sababu Kalonzo anapenda Kenya, akakubali Raila awe mgombea kiti cha urais. Sisi tumesema na tunauliza apatiwe nafasi awe naibu wa rais wa Raila Odinga.”

While recalling Kenya’s political history, the lawmaker insisted that failure by the coalition to select Kalonzo as Odinga’s running mate would put the newly-formed pact in limbo.

He cited what he termed as sacrifice on Kalonzo’s part to rally behind Odinga’s presidential bid for the third time, adding that only the DP slot would appease Wiper supporters.

“There would be a problem…we have nothing to tell the community and the people who support Wiper. That’s it, for Kalonzo to forfeit the presidency for the third time, it must be accounted for something,” the Senator said.

“When we proposed Kalonzo in 2007 to be a vice presidential candidate, all of us knew including my late father that Kalonzo will take nothing less than the position of a deputy president.”

The Makueni gubernatorial aspirant similarly called on the coalition leadership to resolve the conflict revolving around the name of the coalition.

“Sisi kama Wiper tulikuwa kwenye OKA coalition na tulijua tukiingia kwa three legged-stool tuliingia kama OKA na mwavuli ambayo ilikua itengenezwe inaitwa Azimio-OKA,” said Mutula.

“Tumenyenyekea ili tuisaidie Raila Odinga awe rais lakini na wao wakubali tuwe na sauti kubwa katika hio serikali na wasuluhishe hio jambo.”

Makueni Member of Parliament Daniel Maanzo, on his part, echoed Mutula’s sentiments as he told off leaders in the coalition who were derailing reforms and agreements.

“Nataka kuwaambia kina Charity Ngilu wawache kuweka ujanja na ukorofi katika Azimio-OKA. Katika sheria, OKA ni vunguvungu, Azimio ni vunguvungu, na vungunguvungu mbili zinaweza kutengenea kisheria vunguvungu kubwa,” said the MP.

“Katika Azimio-OKA tunatambua Raila kama rais na Kalonzo kama makamu wake. Hayo mengine yaongelewe baadaye.”

The remarks come barely a day after the Wiper boss opined that his focus was not centered at getting the Deputy President’s position in the coalition.

The former Vice President stated that he would not withdraw his support of Odinga’s candidature even if he was not picked as the coalition’s running mate.

“I can go home if the country is safe, I’m telling you. That is selflessness, and that is sacrifice, and I think it is servant leadership,” Kalonzo said in an exclusive interview with Citizen TV on Friday.


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